Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hope for Stephanie

Going through a miscarriage sucks.

There is no other way to say it. Throughout this entire experience, I have leaned more on God and have had more faith in knowing He will take care of me. Maybe this is what I was supposed to learn- I don't know. And by the time I get to heaven, I doubt I'll even care. All I know is there is hope for me and hope for all.  

God loves me (and you)

 A truth I will keep close to my heart for the rest of my life. God has never let me down and it is so funny to even have to repeat that He loves us. He has promised to love and protect and provide for us. Why do we not believe Him? I know I don't always "believe" that. I have remind myself of it. I pray this will be something I just know, feel, hear.  

God blessed us with Little L


April 25 I found out I am pregnant. Nerve-wracked because of Leaf, I patiently waited to get to the first ultrasound. The day came and by God my baby was still alive in there and had a healthy heartbeat (185 beats per minute)! Thank the Lord for this little baby! Daniel and I pray for him/her everyday and we cannot wait to meet him/her.

 Two Teams

We both want a happy, healthy baby but aside from that there are two distinct teams in our families. Team Boy and Team Girl. I am on team girl and Dan is team boy. It's really neat to see our family get into the guessing game and to get into the excitement of having a baby! We're still keeping our faith because we still need our Lord. He will help us in all our struggles!



  1. And We are sooo excited too!!! Thank you for the encouraging words of faith! *tear*

  2. Beautiful post! Ditto on what John said.

    We will have to decide what team(s) we are on? ;)

  3. I am excited for you guys too! May God reassure you of his faithfulness everyday. I know how nerve-wracking it must have been, but what a wonderful testimony you and Daniel are living. Sorry Stephanie, I'm usually on Team girl because girls are the best! However I'm with Daniel on Team boy this time. Can't wait to meet L!:)

  4. Lol, I need to recruit more people to team girl! Thanks guys for commenting!

  5. All I can say is that I understand your pain more than you know. You're brave to share your story.I pray your family is very blessed! I think I have listened to Audrey's song atleast 100 times, not exaggerating. It's healing and beautiful.