Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surprise Ultrasound

I got to see Little L again!

I went to my 3rd OB appointment and the doctor decided that since I was in the in-between stage of being able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, she surprised me with an ultrasound! I wish Daniel could have been there to see. I think God blessed me with this extra ultrasound because of the doubts I had been having. Yes, I saw L 4 weeks prior but I was being a doubting Thomas. Still haunted by the dreaded miscarriage. I am confident that my L is very alive and "kicking" as I have been feeling lots of pregnancy symptoms.

A month (and a half) to remember!

This month hold a lot of traveling and time spent with friends and family. On July 1, my dad visited Daniel and I and made me dinner! It was fun and yummy! On the 5th, I traveled to Atlanta for my sister's birthday! We had a great time! I arrived home on the 7th and had to work the 8th, today. This weekend we are traveling to Hickory, NC to see our dear friends, John and Anna Leviner! We are so excited to be seeing them again before Declan gets here. We'll need to take a preggo wife pic! The following weekend, Daniel and I have school...not fun but it'll take up time. Then on July 25, my mom and sister come up from Atlanta! I'm really excited to see my mom! I haven't seen her since before Christmas! Then, the next Wednesday, Aug. 1, Daniel, mom, and I will be traveling to my sister's house in Atlanta. The 2nd, we head to Florida! Then, on the 4th, I have my first baby shower! It's a little early, yes, but it's the only time I have free to go down! Then Monday, the 6th, we come back home. Then on Saturday, the 11th, we head back to GA for a wedding! Our friends, Matt and Barbara Jean are getting hitched! more! Then, the very next week we find out if we're having Lillian or Lucas!

I told you it's going to a month (and a half) to remember. :)

That is all for now. Be blessed.


  1. Holy wowow you guys are going to be busy. Exciting news! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. I second that comment! Love you guys! Can't wait to find out boy or girl! ;)

  3. I nominated you for a fun blog award. Go check it out, when you get the chance. :)